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Almex | News - Announcing TechTools

Announcing TechTools


Shaw Almex has received the worldwide distributor rights to a new line of automated lightweight belting tools. These lightweight TechTools are engineered to be low-cost, dependable, serviceable and are specially designed for quick setup.

Manufactured in Canada, to international standards, the Almex Choice TechTool line will offer tools for slitting, routing, welding, punching, buffing and splitting. Each tool is made-to-order for your unique belting requirements.

Almex Choice TechTools are so unique and efficient, designed to increase your productivity and help you capture those hard-to-attain markets. Plus, Shaw Almex an offer on-site training so you can get to know all the ins and outs of your new tools.

Lightweight Almex Choice TechTools are now available exclusively through all Shaw Almex offices and distributors. Contact your local Almex representative for more information.

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