This is the new shape of safety.


UBR Traverse Bar


The research and development team at Shaw Almex was tasked with a seemingly impossible challenge: Create a press system that is significantly stronger, safer, but also lighter than traditional presses. The Almex team not only met their challenge – they engineered the future of press design. Introducing the lightest, safest, and fastest press on the market: the Almex UBR Sectional Vulcanizer.


UBR Vulcanizing Press


The most innovative feature of the UBR press is the breakthrough development of a new High Tensile Restraint system. Made from advanced engineered fibers, this rugged, corrosion proof design replaces traditional nut/bolt configurations and still weighs 70% less. If you are looking for a reason to switch vulcanizers the HTR delivers. The HTR system is significantly safer due to a unique design, which is not susceptible to bending or stress fatigue like steel bolts. The multiple tensile members prevent catastrophic failures and because of its safer design the HTR units will not require periodic testing like bolts. As with all Almex vulcanizers there is a secondary safety system to prevent injuries. The patented connector blocks ensure proper spacing and assembly, facilitate lifting and ensure safety in case of failure. The UBR vulcanizer with the HTR system protects your employees, your customers and your equipment.


The new UBR traverse bars, which are almost 50% lighter than the bars they replace, feature a unique profile to allow for storage of the HTR restraint inside the bars. This feature protects the HTR units during transport and minimizes the number of items that have to be carried, which makes press transportation and assembly faster, easier and safer. With adjustment blocks mounted on either side of the HTR system, ten different daylight adjustments are possible to accommodate any thickness of conveyor belt.


Almex engineers designed the UBR to utilize carbon-heating elements, improving energy efficiencies by 40%. Carbon heating elements have a substantially larger surface area in contact with the platen, which heats up the press in a fraction of the time compared to earlier models. Quicker set-up and the use of smaller power supplies further reduce the time and actual cost of every splice.

The advanced UBR vulcanizer system joins the line of recent innovations by Almex Group, including the ALMEXPAD computer tablet and the SG1 Switchgear box, offering you the most advanced vulcanization system in the world.

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