Case Study - BHP Australia

BHP Billiton's Carbon Steel Division had a major expansion at the Illawarra Coal, Appin Colliery. This included the installation of 4500m of 1000mm wide ST6000 FlexSteel Conveyor belt from Goodyear by December 2003.

Goodyear, as the general contractor had guaranteed the splices for 15 years. With exacting standards for splice performance the first vulcanizer supplied from FC Manufacturing was not able to pass Goodyears tests for temperature accuracy. The belt splicing contractor Sandvik Material Handling, asked Shaw Almex Pacific, a division of Shaw Almex Industries based in Australia, to produce a large sectional vulcanizer to replace the existing unit.

Due to the problems with the previous vulcanizer the project had been significantly delayed. Shaw Almex was asked to build and ship the vulcanizer in a record 19 days and airfreight it from Canada to Australia. The press model SV5P 27662 with a platen area of 276" x 62" (7010mm x 1570mm), and a splice length of 263" (6700mm), operating pressure of 200 psi (14 kg/cm ) was delivered on time tested and certified by Goodyear. The Almex press was also found to operate well within +-5 degree Celsius requirements set out by Goodyear and heated and cooled in record times.