Fabric Repair Patches

Belt Repair Patches

Fusion Fabric Repair Patches offer a balance between an economical and durable repair for puncture or gouge damage, as well as longitudinal rips. These repairs won’t damage the conveyor belt and will allow the belt to be back in service in a matter of hours. The repair may very well last as long as the original belt remains in service. Fabric reinforcement provides longer-term security over standard patches.


  • Economical
  • Won’t damage the conveyor belt like some
    mechanical fasteners
  • Durable, may last as long as the original belt
  • Available in various sizes and width
  • Bonding layer offers excellent adhesion

  Size Weight Quantity
PRODUCT CODE in lbs kg Per Box
Reinforced Diamond Patch
CP-DPF-65 6 0.5 0.2 5
CP-DPF-108 10 0.7 0.3 5
CP-DPF-1410 14 1 0.5 5
Fabric Repair Patches Product Sheet