Belt Cleaning Brush Pad

The Belt Cleaning Brush Pad offers a unique solution to cleaning belts with a profiled surface including those with sidewalls and cleats.


  • Works very well on cleaning products that are profiled and require deburring
  • A flat pad with 2” fingers which can be adhered to a shaft and mounted in the pulley area
  • Back surface already prepared for easy installation
  • Works in belt cleaning applications such as chip belts in pulp and paper and cleaning cement blocks.
  • Can be mounted on any existing pulley

Elastomer NR 70% SBR 30%  
Tensile Strength 19.0 Mpa 2755 psi DIN 53504
Elongation at Break 550%   DIN 53504
Density 1.10 g/cm3   DIN 35050
Hardness 65 Shore A   DIN 53505
  Width Length Height
PRODUCT CODE in mm in mm in mm
CCR-RBP-001 11.75 300 29.3 747 2 50
Belt Cleaning Brush Pad Product Sheet