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Heavyweight Vulcanizing Equipment

UBR Vulcanizing Press

UBR Press

Introducing one of the most advanced vulcanizers in the world, featuring the High Tensile Restraint (HTR) system. Developed by Shaw Almex, the HTR system replaces heavy pressure bolts with significantly lighter and stronger advanced composite materials.

Solo Xpress

Solo Xpress Frame Vulcanizer

The Solo Xpress is a dependable, lightweight, portable frame press designed for a single user. With a simple yet efficient design, the two-piece Solo Xpress requires limited time for assembly and disassembly. With minimal weight, it can be carried to the splice location with relative ease.


Pro Series Frame Style Press

The Pro Series is a solid aluminum frame style rubber vulcanizing press that allows for quick and easy operation. With end handles and positioning rings (for larger models), the Pro Series is easy to maneuver into the desired splice position.

SVP vulcanizer

SVP Sectional Vulcanizing Press

The SVP rubber vulcanzing press from Shaw Almex is the world’s preferred heavy weight belt sectional vulcanizing press.


Unipress Sectional Vulcanizing Press

The most versatile sectional press, UniPress is designed with the amenities of both a sectional and frame vulcanizer. As with all rubber pressing equipment from Almex, each UniPress is distinguished by the core competencies of Almex technology.


RAB and AB Frame Press

Customized and rugged, these two-piece frame presses offer simplified assembly, reducing set-up time. Frame presses are well-suited for large, open sites. Use RAB and AB for on-site splice stations or where overhead cranes are available.

SP & SSP Conveyor Belt Repair Presses

SP and SSP Belt Repair Presses

The SP and SSP are the world’s superior repair vulcanizing presses for heavyweight belt. SP and SSP Repair Presses are ideal for mending tears, small holes, and cuts in conveyor belts. Repair presses decrease the need for total belt replacement, saving time and money.

Heavyweight Vulcanizing Accessories

Fabric Belt Splicing Tool Kit

Fabric Belt Splicing Tool Kit

Fusion Fabric Belt Splicing Tool Kit offers the stitchers, knives, buffing tools and accessories needed to perform a multi-ply fabric conveyor belt hot and cold vulcanized splice.

Lightweight Vulcanizing Equipment

Infinity Lightweight Vulcanizer

Infinity Lightweight Press

Introducing the new Infinity press for longitudinal and production splicing of lightweight conveyor belts. The Infinity press can be moved anywhere in the shop, and, with its small footprint, is easily stored when not in use.


MVP Vulcanizer

The versatile MVP Lightweight Vulcanizer is the preferred press for splicing PVC, Polyurethane, and Polyester Monofilament synthetic belting.



Vulcaweld is the superior press for splicing lightweight rubber conveyor belting. With increased pressure capacity, the Vulcaweld is designed for rubber conveyors that do not require heavyweight splice equipment.

Lightweight Vulcanizing Accessories

Lighweight Press Control Systems

Lightweight Controls

With vulcanizing equipment engineered to meet the specific needs of each user, the Shaw Almex Lightweight Series Press can be designed for operation with either the T1, T2, or T3 Control Panel.

Almex Choice™ Tech Tools



As the name implies, the Almex Choice™ VersaTool does it all. Provide your clients with custom-tailored belts for their specific operation with the AT-VT. This automated tool slits the belt longitudinally and grinds the belt in preparation for adhering the V-guides.



The Almex Choice™ CleatWelder is reliable, serviceable and makes cleat welding a snap! The AT-CW adheres cleats to the belt surface with a hot air gun, even on a perpendicular angle. The capabilities are endless – from a beef cleat to a three-metre-wide belt, this machine can handle it all.



The Almex Choice™ FingerPunch punches both ends of the belt at the same time, eliminating waste. This fully automatic and pneumatic machine makes finger punching quick and easy. Suitable for prepping finger and finger-over-finger splices for PVC and polyurethane belts up to 8mm thick and 3m wide.



This variable speed Almex Choice™ SurfaceGrinder is in a class of its own! Prep belts and pulley lagging up to 35” wide with the automated AT-SG.



With the Almex Choice™ RotarySkiver, just place the belt, clamp it and skive. This fully automatic unit quickly preps belts in PVC, PU and rubber. Make your job easier and quicker while increasing productivity and reducing human error.



Your slitter is one of the core tools in your shop. If the Almex Choice™ Slitter is not in your corner, you’re missing out on lower labour costs, higher productivity and the best accuracy in the market.

Transmission Belt Presses

Transmission Belt Presses

Almex Choice™ Transmission Belt Presses are designed for splicing PVC, polyurethane lightweight rubber and transmission belts. They are portable and provide and excellent finish.

Handheld Fingerpunches

Handheld FingerPunches

Almex Choice™ FingerPunches are designed for punching single finger and finger-over-finger designs. These punches are lightweight and portable for both shop and field use.

Skiving Series

Skiving Series

Almex Choice™ Skiving equipment is used for preparing transmission/tapes/ processing and conveyor belts for endless joining.

Finger Cutter


Almex Choice™ FingerCutter is designed to cut thermoplastic machine tapes, conveyor belts and many other products. Suitable for cutting belts and tapes up to .19” (3mm) thick.