Infinity Lightweight Press

Infinity Lightweight Vulcanizer


Introducing the new Infinity press for longitudinal and production splicing of lightweight conveyor belts. Secure new markets by providing your clients with custom-tailored belts for their specific operation. The Infinity press can be moved anywhere in the shop, and, with its small footprint, is easily stored when not in use. Every Infinity press is constructed using the unparalleled pressing technology from Almex.


PLATENS: Rectangular size: 8” x 83”, one inch cold zone for smooth transition as belt is moved through the press. Floating lower platen.

FRAME: Steel Cantilever Frame Style CCF200-2110T3T©.

CONTROL PANEL: T3T solid state controls c/w Omron digital indication with plug C. deg., digital temperature meter, including thermo couple leads & connector to panel. Air control panel for hinging & locking pressurization.

PRESSURE/COOLING: Operating pressure of 45 psi. Uniform pressure guaranteed with Almex pressure bag (air pressure). Press cooled by rapid integral water cooling. Downstroking pressure.

Infinity Product Sheet


  • Extremely fast heat up: 10 minutes
  • Water-cooled
  • Versatile 2,000mm splice
  • Infinite length longitudinal splice
  • Clamp feature without interference
  • Two-station clamp control
  • 45 psi pressure
  • Pneumatic Belt clamp with separate operating function
  • Available in various voltages