As the name implies, the Almex Choice™ VersaTool does it all. Provide your clients with custom-tailored belts for their specific operation with the AT-VT. This automated tool slits the belt longitudinally and grinds the belt in preparation for adhering the V-guides.

Whether you’re currently slitting, routing and welding by hand, or you’re working with a competitor’s machine, you must upgrade to the VersaTool.


  • Sturdy frame with adjustable guides for cutting various belt widths
  • Open-throated design for wide material and endless conveyor belts
  • Table top and beam
  • Strong, adjustable pressure rollers for feeding the belt
  • Adjustable cutting head
  • Grinder mounted on adjustable head
  • Six sizes of profile discs: K6, K8, O, A, B, C
  • Heat welding tool
  • Hot air gun with nozzles and digital temperature readout
  • Router to prep fabric side of belts
  • Side arm for prepping small circumference belts
  • Two movable arms for belt tracking
  • Durable Teflon welding board
  • Movable, easy to use control box with production rate to set speed
  • Small footprint (no belt tension or floor track is required)
  • Castors for ultimate portability

Optional Components:
AT-VT-EF Extendable fence for belts up to 3m wide
AT-VT-PW Additional profile wheels
AT-VT-SB Extra slitting blade

VersaTool S/R/GW Slitter, Router, V-Guide Welder
Width Length Voltage Weight Max Width Speed Max Load Max Thickness Min Length
2 M 1 M 230 3PH 250 KG Open Throat 0-30M/min N/A 11 mm 320 mm

VersaTool product sheet.pdf

Prices shown are in US dollars.