The Almex Choice™ CleatWelder is reliable, serviceable and makes cleat welding a snap! The AT-CW adheres cleats to the belt surface with a hot air gun, even on a perpendicular angle. The capabilities are endless – from a beef cleat to a three-metre-wide belt, this machine can handle it all.

Custom cleating is a necessity in the plastics belt market. With the AT-CW in your tool lineup, you will quickly become an expert solutions provider in difficult conveyor applications.


  • Sturdy frame
  • Table top and beam
  • Fitting head with adjustable speed and hot air blower
  • Fitting wheel
  • Hot air gun
  • Adjustable guides to keep the belt straight
  • Adjustable disc to accommodate most cleat profiles, up to 3" high
  • Castors for ultimate portability

Optional Components:
AT-CW-FW Additional fitting wheel
AT-CW-NZ Additional tailor made nozzle

CleatWelder 1.2M up to 3M
Width Length Voltage Weight Max Width Speed Max Load Max Thickness Min Length
1.7 M 1.2 M 230 3PH 375 KG 1200 mm 600mm/min N/A 25 mm+ N/A

CleatWelder product sheet.pdf