With the Almex Choice™ RotarySkiver, just place the belt, clamp it and skive. This fully automatic unit quickly preps belts in PVC, PU and rubber. Make your job easier and quicker while increasing productivity and reducing human error.

The perfect belt preparation makes finishing customized belts simple. Upgrade to the AT-RS for a perfect prep, every time!


  • Large sanding unit
  • Joining angles of 90° and 75°
  • Adjustable grinding head to accommodate various belt materials
  • Grinding disk with:
    • Tilt and height-adjustments to control skiving length and thickness of remaining lip
    • Variable speed rotation for precision skiving
  • Open-throated design for unlimited width capacity
  • Castors for ultimate portability

Optional Components:
AT-VT-EF Extendable fence for belts up to 3m wide
AT-VT-PW Additional profile wheels
AT-VT-SB Extra slitting blade

1200 RotarySkiver
Width Length Voltage Weight Max Width Speed Max Load Max Thickness Min Length
2 M .8 M 230 3PH 475 KG Open Throat N/A N/A 10 mm N/A

RotarySkiver product sheet.pdf