UBR Press

UBR Vulcanizing Press


Introducing one of the most advanced vulcanizers in the world, featuring the High Tensile Restraint (HTR) system. Developed by Shaw Almex, the HTR system replaces heavy pressure bolts with significantly lighter and stronger advanced composite materials. Rugged and corrosion proof, this unique system greatly reduces the potential of injury. The new ultra-light beams weigh only 13.5 kg/meter. The UBR vulcanizer can be configured for 100 psi or 200 psi by changing the spacing of the beams with the unique connector system. Carbon UBR heating elements utilize a unique technology that reduces energy consumption by 40% allowing the use of smaller power supplies, reducing overall cost per splice.


  • Flexible design for fabric or steel cable splices
  • Ultra-light beam design, weighs only 13.5 kg/m
  • New High Tensile Restraint (HTR) system is 70% lighter than standard bolts
  • Safety factor increased by 200%
  • Unique design stores restraint system inside beams
  • Patented connector block ensures proper spacing
  • Utilizes 40% less energy