Vulcaweld from Shaw Almex is the superior press for splicing lightweight rubber conveyor belting. With increased pressure capacity, the Vulcaweld is designed for rubber conveyors that do not require heavyweight splice equipment. Constructed with proprietary Almex technology, the Vulcaweld boasts the following advanced features:

*(prod> Signature Shaw Almex “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system

  • Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens
  • Innovative “Silicone Element” fast heating system
  • Sturdy two-piece aluminum frame (easy to maneuver)
  • Choice of a proven “T-Series” Temperature Control Panel
  • Reliable Almex air pressure pump (optional)


PLATENS: Assembled with extruded plank, silicone heating element, and durable composite insulating packaging, each platen is flexible and will contour to the irregularities of the conveyor (assuring uniform pressure). Operational temperatures of 163°C to 200°C (325°F to 392°F).

FRAME: Sturdy two-piece aluminum frame is light and easy to maneuver for splice placement. Frame can be mounted to cantilever stand for shop use; pneumatic lift optional for upper platen, making for easier use and decreased splice time.

CONTROL PANEL: T1R, T2, and T3 Control Panels available to accommodate various amp and volt requirements. Enhanced panels with additional timer (T2T and T3T) or fully automatic operation feature, including pressure and cooling functions, available (T2TC and T3TC).

PRESSURE/COOLING: Engineered for lightweight rubber belt, Vulcaweld has a maximum pressure of 5kg/cm2 (75 psi). Uniform pressure applied with unique Almex pressure bag. Up-stroking pressure is standard but down-stroking design optional. Cooling fluid channeled through extruded platen using C1M or C1 cooling applicator. New optional QWIKool System also available for air pressure application and faster water cooling function.

Vulcaweld Product Sheet

Vulcaweld Spec Sheet


  • Vulcaweld is specially engineered for lightweight rubber belt splicing, with a pressure capacity of 5 kg/cm2 (75 psi). All T-Series control systems approved by CE and ETL and conform to UL and CSA standards.
  • Each Vulcaweld is built-to-order. Standard platen width of Vulcaweld is 200mm (8”). Press length ranges from 355mm to 3150mm (14” to 124”). Smaller models weigh 25 kg (55 lbs); larger versions increase to 470 kg (1,036 lbs).
  • Optional cantilever stand (for shop use) and pneumatic upper platen lift available by request.