Solo Xpress Frame Vulcanizer

Solo Xpress


The Almex Solo Xpress is a dependable, lightweight, portable frame press designed for a single user. With a simple yet efficient design, the two-piece Solo Xpress requires limited time for assembly and disassembly. With minimal weight, it can be carried to the splice location with relative ease. Constructed with proven Almex technology, the Solo Xpress includes:

  • Signature Shaw Almex “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system
  • Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens
  • Innovative “Silicone Element” fast heating system
  • Upper and lower rugged aluminum frames
  • An Almex T-Series control panel for managing temperature/time


PLATEN: Contains unique Almex flexible platen built from extruded plank, silicone heating element (max. heat of 163°C / 325°F), and durable composite insulation. Each platen contours to the belt’s irregularities to ensure equal vulcanization across the belt surface.

FRAME: Two solid, lightweight aluminum frames comprise upper and lower portions of the press. Handles on each end and side make for ease in transporting and positioning.

CONTROL PANEL: T1F and T2 panels can accommodate 230 volts; T1F is inset and the T2 is remote. T3 models, 3 phase only, also for remote operation, accommodates up to 600 volts. T2 and T3 panels feature Dual Omron temperature control and indication systems and are housed in rugged aluminum box with handle and cover.

PRESSURE/COOLING: Patented Almex pressure bag ensures uniform pressure across splice surface. Maximum operating pressure up to 7 kg/cm2 (100 psi) maximum. Fluid for cooling applied to extruded channels (within platen) using quick connect hoses.

Solo Xpress Product Sheet

Solo Xpress Spec Sheet


  • Solo Xpress is the efficient one-man frame press; side/end handles make for ease in transporting to splice site.
  • All electric control panels used with Solo Xpress are CE, CSA and UL approved.
  • Solo Xpress platens have a rhombic configuration; presses can be aligned side-by-side for larger splices.
  • Each Solo Xpress is built-to-order, with platen sizes ranging from 330mm x 815mm (13” x 32”) total weight 78kg (172 lb) to 330mm x 1420mm (13” x 56”) total weight 159kg (351 lb).