Lightweight Controls

Lighweight Press Control Systems


With vulcanizing equipment engineered to meet the specific needs of each user, the Shaw Almex Lightweight Series Press can be designed for operation with either the T1, T2, or T3 Control Panel.

Almex control panels are assembled to accommodate a variety of voltage requirements and can be enhanced with special components that allow for easy, comprehensive splice cycle management. Nearly fifty years experience aptly positions Almex to offer reliable systems for improving splice accuracy, reducing splice time, and minimizing the potential for human error during procedures.

The T1 and T2 Control Panels can be engineered for either 115 or 230 volts
single phase. The T1 can accommodate 15 amps per platen whereas the T2 will
accommodate up to 40 amps if required. T3 Control Panels are designed for higher
voltages at 3 phase supply, 30 amps maximum. In some cases, a T4 Control Panel
will be recommended for very high amperages at single phase.


T1 Control Panel: T1R offers single temperature control for each platen with an LED display for designating temperature set-point and monitoring temperature. Housed in an ABS box, the T1R is lightweight and dust-tight. T1R reliably heats platens with dimensions up to 200mm x 2185mm (8” x 86”) depending on amperage draw. Plastic carrying box included.

T2 Control Panel: T2 is a remote control system that uses Omron digital temperature and control indication. Platen temperature is easily adjusted and T2 effectively monitors platen heat during splice cycle, ensuring appropriate application until the cycle concludes. T2 is housed in a rugged, aluminum box with a mounted carrying handle. Splice timer with notification alarm available on T2T model. Fully automatic T2TC includes additional control panel for air/water cooling application and air purge of platens. T2TP includes plug for managing cooling cycle that utilizes C1 portable cooling bucket.

T3 Control Panel: T3 includes all standard T2 specifications but can accommodate higher voltage (also has a 30 amp limit). T3T includes timer and alarm; fully automatic T3TC has extra panel for managing air/water cooling function and air purge procedure.

Lightweight Press Control Systems Product Sheet


  • Almex Lightweight Press Control Panels approved by CE and ETL and conform to UL and CSA standards.
  • Almex Control Panels (T1, T2, T3) commonly accommodate 115 to 230 volts but can function with higher requirements. Amps range from 15 to 30.