SP and SSP Belt Repair Presses

SP & SSP Conveyor Belt Repair Presses


The SP and SSP are the world’s superior repair vulcanizing presses for heavyweight belt. Distinguished by the core competencies of Almex technology, each SP and SSP is designed and assembled with the following components:

  • Signature Shaw Almex “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system
  • Custom “Extruded Plank” fast cooling system within platens
  • Innovative “Silicone element” quick heating system
  • Lightweight and durable structure

Additionally, various pressure and cooling applicators are available for use with Almex repair presses.



Models are engineered to apply up to either 7kg/cm2 or 14kg/cm2 (100psi or 200 psi) of vulcanization pressure onto the conveyor surface. All SP components are compatible with the SVP Sectional press.

Platens available in two sizes: 300 × 300mm (12 × 12”) or 500 × 500mm (20 × 20”). Each SP press is assembled with either one or two sets of unmatched E-style
aluminum traverse bars, designed in accordance with platen size and nut/bolt

SP splice cycle is managed with either the T2 or T3 control panel, depending on energy requirements and user preference. Maximum operating temperature of
163°C (325°F).


Models engineered for a maximum operating pressure of 5kg/cm2 (75 psi). Two sizes are available for use on belt widths up to 1500mm or 1980mm (60” or 78”).

Lightweight, low profile design is ideal for ease of use in confined spaces and features an in-frame, thermostatic control panel. Maximum operating temperature of 163°C (325°F).

Each SSP includes a carrying case for storing platens and accessories.

SP & SSP Product Sheet

SP & SSP Spec Sheet


  • SP and SSP Repair Presses are ideal for mending tears, small holes, and cuts in conveyor belts. Repair presses decrease the need for total belt replacement, saving time and money.
  • SP models are suitable for all
    rubber belt types and widths.
  • The SSP is the premier Almex “one man” portable unit for belt repair.
  • A manual air pressure system is standard with the SSP.
  • With model SP, the HPP20-4 pump with a 3/4 HP motor and 75 litre (19.8 US Gal) reservoir allows easy application of pressure up to 14kg/cm2 (200 psi).