Unipress Sectional Vulcanizing Press



Recently engineered by Shaw Almex is the versatile UniPress. The premier sectional press, UniPress offers the amenities of both a sectional and frame vulcanizer. As with all rubber pressing equipment from Almex, each UniPress
is distinguished by the core competencies of Almex technology, including:

  • Signature Almex “Pressure Bag” uniform pressure system
  • Custom “Extruded Plank” cooling system within platens
  • Innovative “Silicone Element” fast-heating system
  • Light but sturdy structure of extruded aluminum traverse bars
  • T4P Temperature Control Panel for reliable heat monitoring
  • Optional HPP20-4 fluid pressure pump and reservoir unit mandatory for operating pressures above 7kg/cm2 (100 psi)


PLATENS: Flexible platens contour with the irregularities in the belt ensuring uniform pressure across entire splice area. Platens built with extruded plank,
silicone heating elements (up to 163°C / 325°F) and durable composite insulating packaging. UniPress platens specially designed to assume either a rectangular or rhombic (bias) shape over splice portion.

TRAVERSE BARS: Aluminum alloy LA-style bars are strong and light. LA-bars are sized to order and are connected with inset high tensile steel nut/bolt assemblies that reduce profile of press. Upper bars are joined with the anodized gold “Connector and Lifting System” that allow upper portion of press to be lifted and positioned as a single assembly establishing correct bar spacing which provides additional safety.

CONTROL PANEL: T4P control panel utilizes a dual Omron digital temperature
control and indication system and can accommodate 230 to 600 volts. Controls
housed in a light, sturdy aluminum box for remote operation.

PRESSURE and COOLING: Optional HPP20-4 pressure pump and reservoir for operating pressures above 7kg/cm2 (100 psi). Pump includes gauges for fluid level and pressure. Extra reservoirs easily added for larger presses. Cooling option available (HPPC20-4).

UniPress Product Sheet


  • UniPress is the premier sectional vulcanizer, offering the portability of a sectional press along with the single upper piece lifting function of a frame press.
  • UniPress anodized gold connectors bridge individual upper traverse bars into a uniform section that can be positioned without disassembling the vulcanizer.
  • UniPress platens can assume either a rectangular or rhombic shape and will join other platens for expandability.
  • Each Unipress is built-to-order for various belt sizes. All electronics are CE, CSA and UL approved.